Doodle studio level 25

Doodle studio level 25

Postby Finlander » Sat May 07, 2011 3:31 pm

I cant get level 25 to unlock :|

I have completed whole game but that Doodleus OP.25 stays locked :cry:

in-game above map preview it says "complete doodle level 25 to unlock" :shock:

Am i missing something? or is this just a bug?

Also is there going to be any DLC in near future or do we just need to rely on online library?
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Re: Doodle studio level 25

Postby Spyn Doctor » Sun May 08, 2011 12:03 pm

Well, it is a "bug", sort of - but now a software bug, but a blue bug. 8-)To unlock level 25, you have to solve the secret of the blue bug.

Here are some hints (hidden because of slight spoilers, select with mouse to make visible):

Have you ever wondered why there is one single blue bug in each doodle, in addition to the red ones?

Have you ever wondered why there is also a single blue bug on the level select screen?

While playing the doodles, keep your eyes open for something that might be significant in some way (more obvious in some of the later doodles).

Have you noticed how on the level select screen the nodes for the levels that were still inaccessible are shown in black&white and only the unlocked levels are in color? Once you have solved the last level (doodle 24), have a good look at the level select screen again...

Regarding the DLC question: We are currently investigating the possibilities, but I can't make any announcements or promises at this time.

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Re: Doodle studio level 25

Postby fader » Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:22 am

Edit: I figured it out right when I was going to turn off the game. Spoiler below if you want the solution (copy/paste it or zoom the text in your browser):

On every level you have to get the blue bug into the pot that looks like it is filled with water, just like the one he is in on the map. You don't have to finish the level the normal way, just get him in the water pot and return to the map. You will see blue drawings form a path between the levels when you do this.

End of spoiler.
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